Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pre-Pride Brunch + Pride March Plans! 6/30/13

Pre-Pride Outdoor Brunch!!

When: Sunday, June 30th. 9:30am – 11:15pm

Where: Bryant Park, 42nd St. between 5th and 6th ave.

Cost: Free!
Open To All!

JQY is sponsoring a free brunch in Bryant park before the parade, so whether you are planning on marching, watching, or not even attending the parade, make sure you come for some good food and some even better company before the parade!

Get there early, brunch starts at 9:30 and we are heading over to the parade at approximately 11:15 this year!


When: Sunday, June 30th. ~11:30 
Where: Parade Lineup location with CBST: 40th between Madison and Park. 
JQY Parade Viewing Location: 35th Street & 5th Avenue, NW corner

This year we will be maintaining our tradition of marching with CBST. As in the past, we are hoping to increase our visibility and represent our communities, as well as show our unity as a group by marching in a black pants/white shirt combo or a blue/white outfit (this could be jeans and a white shirt, polo, or t-shirt). Yarmulkas can be provided for you if you would like to march with one, contact Mordechai at mlevovitz@jqyouth.org for more information. CBST lineup location TBA.
If you don't plan to march, the JQY parade viewing spot will be on the northwest corner of 35th street and 5th avenue.

If you have never marched before, anyone can tell you that the experience is simply amazing. This year we hope to have the largest JQY representation yet! If at any point on Sunday you would like to know where we are, what our post-parade plans are, or are generally lost and need directions, feel free to call me (Erez) at 917-415-7664 or Mordechai at 917-841-3567. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have at admin.jqyouth@gmail.com.
After the march, we will be meeting for a late lunch/early dinner at Mr. Broadway at 5pm. Mr. Broadway is located at 38th street and Broadway.

So whether you want to march, watch, or a little of both, join us on Sunday, June 30th for the 2013 NYC Pride Parade. We look forward to seeing our biggest crowd yet!!!!!!

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